MurderSpot (formerly known as Cluedome) is a cross-platform program, written in wxWidgets, based on the game Cluedo (also known as Clue). It supports play either on a single computer or over the Internet. It has so far been tested on Linux and Windows, and it would probably work on Mac too with some tweaking.

Download latest release

Detective Notes

Some future version of MurderSpot should have built-in detective notes. Meanwhile, you must keep your own. You may use a piece of paper, word processor, spreadsheet, etc. There are various pre-made notes which you can choose from.


You may access the MurderSpot lobby using any IRC client. Note that this only allows you to chat with others - you need to download the MurderSpot program to actually play the game. Visit the chat page for more information, or to start web-chat in your browser.


Rules on players' behaviour in MurderSpot may be seen on the rules page.


See the staff page to find out who the official MurderSpot staff members are.


Feel free to e-mail any comments or questions you have about MurderSpot to
Alternatively, ask on IRC.