MurderSpot 0.8.4

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If you are using Windows, simply download and run the setup program to install MurderSpot. This setup program will also automatically upgrade from any version of MurderSpot or Cluedome that was installed using a setup program.

Note: A new setup program was released on 20 September 2009 at 1AM UTC. If you downloaded the setup program before then and are missing entries from the list of game types, running the new setup program should fix this problem.

If you are using Linux, download and extract the source code tarball. There are brief instructions for installation in the README file, and a more detailed description of the configure script in INSTALL. The wxWidgets library is required. To play the game, you will need the data files. For the game type list and automatic image selection to work, start the program in the directory containing them.

If you are using Mac or some other platform, download the source code and see if you can get it to work. Please tell me if you manage to get the program to work on one of these platforms, along with setup instructions. If you need to make changes to the source code to get it to work, please send them to me.

Note: If you are using Windows and the setup program does not work on your system for some reason, you can instead use the following zip files. Extract them to a single directory, and run murderspot.exe to start the game. You should not download these files if you have used the setup program to install MurderSpot.


From version 0.8.3, player assignments will be shown in the game log whenever the game is unpaused. A glitch where the program sometimes crashed if you start a local game while connected to the network has been fixed. A problem with card dealing has also been fixed; now all possible ways of dealing the cards should be equally likely.

I am currently working on a completely revamped system for MurderSpot, which should improve both the game and the chat experience. However, it will likely be quite a while before this is ready, so I might also release further updates to the current version when problems become apparent.

There is still no proper computer player, and no in-game detective notes.

If you are having difficulty installing or using MurderSpot, please ask for help on IRC.

There are probably still a few glitches. This should be considered beta-quality code. If you find a bug in MurderSpot, please send me an e-mail or report it on IRC.

Feel free to look at the source code and make any changes you like. You may e-mail me any improvements or extensions you make. The C++ source code is in .h and .cpp files. resources.rc is the Windows resource file. murderspot.iss is the input file for Inno Setup. I develop MurderSpot on Linux, using vim. The board image was made using GIMP. The Windows executable is generated using the MinGW cross-compiler. I use Wine to run Inno Setup to generate the setup program.